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Who we are

The business of medicine requires expertise as does the practice of medicine. Most Physicians are not trained in the business skills set necessary for all of the diverse activities needed to manage, train and discipline personel, negotiate pricing on insurance contracts or medical supplies, negotiate insurance premiums, manage and supervise billing and coding, collections of receivables, planning marketing strategies, compliance with an increasing number of governamental agencies.

PRMA Holdings through its family of companies will introduce investment, technology, innovation and intellectiual capital and expertise to industrialize the physicians practice. PRMA is the holding company for various selected companies to fulfill the promise of helping health care providers “pursuing medical excellence” through two major directives: Medical Resolution Initiatives and Medical Enterprise Management.

Medical Resolution Initiative companies: American Medical Mediation Association (AMMA), American Medical Mediation Association (AMAA), Independent Review Inc. (IRI) and Mediation Training Institute International (MTTI), will produce national medical consulting, desktop second opinions, mediation training and medical dispute resolution services for the over 17,000 physicians in the PRMA network of physician experts.

Medical Enterprise Management Companies: Key Vista Professsional Employer Organization (PEO), Docs in a Row, Witkop Office Products and e-billing Coding and Collections Company . These companies will focus on practice partnership, transcription market place division, inventory management system: GPO and Unified Medical Records.

PRMA Holdings provides solutions for clients across the country from its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida and its cloud based data centers.